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Not secret, but hidden :

That till 1979...
and by the year 1999...

1979: «till 1979 this work has to be done»
- I am going to retire as a guru...I am the One who is Adishakti,
- I anoint all of you as Gurus

1989: « You have to work it out»
- You have to work it out, not Me. I have done My level best.
- You can say: "We think She is the Holy Ghost."
- ... we can change the whole world. In ten years ( = 1999) , but you ...

1999 : «Satya Yuga will get fully matured.»

2000: «What is lacking in Sahaja Yoga? That, I have to tell you.»

= Shri Mataji followed quite precisely the agenda She announced Herself in 1975. The Work had to meet success by 1999.
It did not. And, after 2000, She warned us. Later, from 2003 to 2011, we know what happened.= 


1975, 12-21 : « by the year 1999 Satya Yuga will get fully matured. Now, it depends on your wisdom,…»

I have told you hundred times that I need 1000 people who can sit on this Sahasrara. I need 1000 people to sit on horse [and]  who never get caught. 
Is it difficult. Those who are detached… If you are doing something for Sahaj Yoga, you are doing for yourself. (...) I worked so hard. Whatever you worked hard, whatever you did, it is for yourself, isn’t it? Not for anyone else.
You have seen, that whatever you have done till now, you are enjoying the benefits of it.
There were not many people, till now in this world, who could achieve [that]. One or two were there in every Yuga [era] you have met, seen and known; [there are] so many people in this world, [but] how many are realized? Very few, you will find!
And today it is great naad [sound] of Kali Yuga… 
There are so many animals today, the animals without tails. But in this Kali Yuga itself, in this dirty mud, a great work has to be accomplished, you know it is happening… in this time, you must take as much as you can. 
Otherwise you will be thrown out of this evolutionary process. That time is not far away, I told about it:
-In 1979! That till 1979 this work has to be done, and by the year 1999 Satya Yuga (the era of truth) will get fully matured. 
Now it depends on your wisdom, otherwise Kali Yuga will also flourish because of you only.
If you people won't like to work it out,  then the responsibility of destruction will be on your head
Use your wisdom in such a way, bring your intellect to wisdom and think that «what have I taken from "Ganga"? What did I achieved and what have I to yet get? »


1979- 0708 : « Now you have to be gurus of other people»
And that's why it is your responsibility. I mean, that way today is the day where we all have to decide that we are going to be gurus now. 
I am going to retire as a guru; it's all right to be a Mother to you people. Now you have to be gurus of other people and for that you must know what you should achieve. You have all the powers within you; you can manifest them also. But you cannot have a following unless and until you become a guru. This is the only difference there is. If you want to have a following then you must chisel out yourself in that fashion that as soon as people see you should say, "Here is somebody", with that gravity.
>> 1979-0708: Guru Puja - Nabhi, Spirit, Dollis Hill, London,UK  

1979-1202: « I declare I am the One who is Adishakti … I anoint all of you as Gurus »
Guru Puja, Andorra
But today is the day, I declare that I am the One who has to save the humanity. I declare I am the One who is Adishakti, who is the Mother of all the Mothers, who is the Primordial Mother, the Shakti, the Desire of God, who has incarnated on this Earth to give its meaning to itself, to this creation, to human beings, and I'm sure through My love and patience and My powers, I am going to achieve it.
I was the One who was born again and again, but now in My complete form and complete powers, I have come on this Earth, not only for salvation of human beings, not only for their emancipation, but for granting them, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Joy, the Bliss, that your Father wants to bestow upon you.
These words are to be kept within the bounds of Sahaja Yogis only, for the time being.
And today is the day of Guru Puja, not My Puja, but your Puja as Gurus. I anoint all of you as Gurus, 
and today I will tell you what I have bestowed upon you and what great powers you already have within you
>>1979-1202: Guru Puja, Dollis Hill, London https


1988 : « I wish I could see those days in My lifetime». « Your names in golden letters»
Vecteur de VIP abstract quilted - ID:40669296 - image libre de ...It's a tremendous task. For that you have to work out in a very sincere and an innate manner. 
And I'm sure one day will come that in the history of this world Sahaja Yogis will have their names written with golden letters. 
I'm sure this will work out. I'm sure this has to work out. And that you all have to achieve it, collectively, with one mind, with one heart. 
What should I sacrifice? What should I do? How should I help? What is my contribution? I wish I could see those days in My lifetime. So today is the day when we have to introspect.


 «… within 10 years…»
And that pure personality has to develop by your meditation, by your working hard. It's a question of few years. In ten years we can change the whole world. In ten years, but you have to be really very dedicated.
It is you who has to change, not Me. You have to work it out, not Me. I have done My level best. But within ten years it should be possible that every Sahaja Yogi should become a tremendous force of Sahaja Yoga. So please try to avoid all those who are mediocres>>   
I want you, everyone to be extremely active in your own sphere of life to talk about Sahaja Yoga. You must wear My badges, you must wear My rings. You must wear My necklaces. So that people ask you, ' Who is this?' Then you should say, 'She is the Holy Ghost.' You can say. 'We think She is the Holy Ghost.' Let us see what happens.
So, it is a serious thing that I felt that I have to talk to you. And that we have to be very very careful about how we look at ourselves. We have to be aware. We have to be aware about ourselves and what is happening. I have been telling you this many a times. We have to be aware as to what we are and what is happening. But if your jobs are important, everything else is important, how are we going to work out Sahaja Yoga? So there has to be awareness. And with your awareness, the light will spread. But it's not silent, you have to talk about it. Eloquence is needed. It has to be eloquent. All your light has to talk. The light has to say. The light has to express. And has to be very confidently done. 
Let us see now after going from this tour how far people establish new things. 
So far, what's My own opinion is that there are fifty percent of the Sahaja Yogis in the west are still quite mediocre. And twenty five percent of them are just there to take advantage. If they can get something free, they would like to take. Twenty five percent people are like that. It's very sad but it is so.
>> 1989-1230: Puja, Brahmapuri, India


«Now Kali Yuga is over, Krita Yuga has started! »
Only thing is that, want to remember that Krita Yuga has started.
Now Kali Yuga is over, Krita Yuga has started. And in this Yuga, [remember] that the Param Chaitanya is absolutely effective and very efficient. Now if you do anything wrong, it will punish you. It may not punish immediately but it will give you a suggestion, it will give you a proper signal that something is going wrong with you. But if you do not want to control your footsteps, then you may go down very fast. So you have to be very careful about that.

«… we have to establish the Satya Yuga. »

I was really very much touched, because now the new year is coming with a new challenge for all of us which we have to accept, that Kali Yuga is over and we have to establish the Satya Yuga; for which all of you from every country should have thinking, how you can do it in your country and in other country. What are the problems in another country? 
Put your attention outside, not inside this way that you should say that I need this, I need that, I need that. We should know what other people need: what is their need, what the people in our society, in our nation, in our world require? Better write them down: what do they require? It's better, it will work; might be, it might be corrected. It's very important for Sahaja yogis to sit down and write down what the world needs, and what is to be done.
It will be a nice idea for all of you to really aspire for that kind of homogeneous society that we have here today. And we'll be one day, you will be surprised that we will be the ones who will guide and lead the rest of the people with our love, attention and care.
So it's very important time, and at this time we should all think on those lines. 
>> 1999, 0321 Birthday puja

«... Very difficult, it's very difficult»  

The story about Kali Yuga is told in also another Purana, of Damayanti Purana where Damayanti, the wife of Nala, was separated from him because of the same illusions created by Kali. So one day it happened that Nala got hold of this horrible Kali and he said, "Now I am going to strangle you and finish you off."(...)
He told very clearly, I mean thousands of years back. So Kali Yuga is the time where people can get their Self Realization, they will know their Self, they will know the truth. 
This is said long time back and you can see now it's happening. So this was the time meant for that, because if you are all right like in Satya Yuga and all that, so you don't seek; you just accept, you are obedient, you are good people - finished. But in Kali Yuga you really start seeking the absolute truth, and that is why these lights depict that character or we can say that soul which are being enlightened. 
So you are all enlightened souls. For Me that's the Diwali. If the people are enlightened that's the Diwali: that they remove all the darkness of Kali Yuga and you all enjoy the beauty and joy of Kali Yuga. It's very, very symbolic I should say, that Diwali has already started. We have many lights, and we have to get more lights - not because it is short of light; why are we taking more lights, why do you want? Because all must be saved. Our effort is to save every one of them. Very difficult, it's very difficult.
>>1999-1107: Diwali Puja, Greece, Delphi
2000 - AGENDA CLOSED : That, I have to tell you.- A Warning. 

2000, Sahasrara: « … now you take over responsibility,… otherwise...»
So today is a great day otherwise for Me also. I didn't know that I'll survive so many years to see this beautiful day. Because after all it was very hard life according to other standards. 
But what is most joy-giving to Me was creating Sahaja yogis, and listening to them and talking to them - the way they were so sweet and so kind, and so respectful. All this has helped Me so much, and I must thank you for that. With your support, with your help, with your understanding I could achieve it. 
If I could achieve it on My own I would never have asked for this help of yours. But you are just like My hands, you are just like My eyes, and I need you very much because without you I cannot do it. It's like channelizing. Unless and until you are channels, what's the use of being Adi Shakti or anything, how will you channelize it? If there's electrical movement you need channels, otherwise it is a static thing. In the same way, I felt always that I needed more and more channels, and when it worked out I was really, really in a very great spirit.
So I thank you very much again for this day that has come, and I bless you from My heart that now you take over responsibility. 
You are a Sahaja yogi, so you have a responsibility also to give realizations to others. Don't keep to yourself, this has to be given to others. And you can explain, you can talk to them, you can really very well understand them. Try to understand them and talk to them, and you must give realizations to others, otherwise you won't feel complete. To feel complete, you have to do that.
>>2000-0507: Sahasrara Puja, Cabella

2000, Guru: « It's not by saving some few people you can have the great Satya Yuga,»
So at this juncture, what is lacking? What is lacking in Sahaja Yoga? 
That, I have to tell you. 
There are so many collective disasters we have – all kinds of. We had many earthquakes, we had many floods, rain, then the muds – mud came down like a river; and so many disasters in the world and sahaja yogis are saved from that. All the sahaja yogis are saved from that, no doubt, but after being saved, what is your understanding? What do you know? Why these disasters are coming? 
Because Sahaja Yoga is not very collective. 
It has to become very collective. It has to spread much more, all over. It has to go to many people, which we don’t do. We are at a standstill, or little bit we do it. 
But: go all out! Look at Christ’s twelve disciples! Of course the people went into wrong things. But how they worked and how intensively they did it.
That intensity if you don’t have, and if you do not completely dedicate to the spreading of Sahaja Yoga, then collective problems cannot be solved.
You are saved from so many things. Say, even if there's pollution, for Sahaja yogi it won't matter. Even if there is a disaster of a earthquake, the Sahaja yogi will be saved. 
But :  why not save the whole world? 
Calamities after calamities are coming, and if you have compassion, you must think of the people who can get into any calamity, or into any trouble. Of course, I can cure many people, no doubt
But I don't know how to make Sahaja Yoga very collective.
Now you are so many people here, you all can start giving realization to at least hundred people. Go everywhere, talk about Sahaja Yoga, sing the praise of the Divine, and you will save the whole world. It's not by saving some few people you can have the great Satya Yuga, but you have to also save this Mother Earth. You have to save the people who are in it.
>>2000-0723: Guru Puja, Cabella
2010, Birthday

2000, Navaratri: « even in Sahaja Yoga this negativity can work.»
It is now, this is the Last Judgment, as I told you. And at this time you have to see what's happening to the person who has gone by wrong methods, or by the hell of some of these "gurujis". It's very clear, if you want to see it, very clear how they are destroying themselves. (…) . All their bad things are explained by their stupid intelligence, and they go for destruction.
And now in Kali Yuga, destruction is working very fast. Why? 
Because people have lost their discrimination. They are no more discreet. And so many people have lost, it's not few. And it is a fashion to become indiscreet.
(...) Now there's somebody, say a Sahaja yogi, so-called, and he is absolutely aggressive, money-oriented, deceitful, and you get into his trap. In Hindi we call it chakkar... chakkar. And once you get involved into that, you go on drifting. Still your left side will protect up to a point. But if you are too much of it, it throws you. "No! Get out, get out!"
Now the time has come for all of us to understand that you are all Sahaja yogis, and you have a very big responsibility - very, very big responsibility that you should do what your enlightened conscience tells you. Take to your enlightenment and live under that light, and don't jump in the darkness. 
And by that you will also understand who is the right person, who is not the right person.
It's a - even in Sahaja Yoga this negativity can work. It works; and one should not get involved into any negative thoughts of others or negative doing of others. 
It's a warning today I wanted to give you all, 
because you people are very much there to enjoy. 
Look after your attention - where does it go? 
>> 2000-1008: Navaratri Puja, Cabella
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Maya is important, -Maya should give you enjoyment created by human beings
«... So they say that this maya is created by God. No. 
Maya that God has created is this world, this whole universe and all that. 
But this illusive life is created by human beings. Absolutely, through their projections of their brains and mental capacities, they have projected because money is everything. If money is everything, by hook or crook, if you have to get the money, then, do what you like. And every day you read in the newspaper horrible stories about how people want to make money, how they want to sell their daughters, how they want to sell their wives. Anything is all right as long as you have money. If you can make money, nothing matters. .../...
[On contemporary life-styles] So it's an anti-maya. Because Mahamaya has come, so anti-maya has come. 
Fifty years back or sixty years back, it was not that bad, I can tell you. Once in a while people used to do something nonsensical, but now it is rampant. But it now has become a fashion. It's worse than that, is that accepted as a fashion, and if you're not in it, you're "out". You have to be in the madhouse. You should see this clearly, because now you have come into the Maya of God. 
Maya also means love, the God's love, and, in that, your eyes should open out and see: what horrible things they are doing: what is this disco? .../...

At Nazimuddin, Delhi.
So here, again, the Mahamaya has to work and the Mahamaya works this way, that She integrates all the religions. She shows that all religions are the same, have the same spirituality. It's on the same tree of spirituality, they have grown. Instead of making people spiritual, they have made them money-oriented or they have made them power-oriented. I mean it's the other way round. It's like the tree growing underneath or something, something absurd that you cannot explain and that is the thing is that illusive. 
Dubai Duty Free, prices in US$ (my photo, 2012)
That illusiveness is called Maya
And this illusiveness appeals to many people. Appeals - that's the point I'm worried about. Something is illusive, then they go on running after that like a mirage and ultimately they are destroyed.
So what you see, a picture just now, is that at least so many - ten percent people - will be saved, at the most. 
Birth house of Shri Mataji, Chhindwara, 2012
But this is a very sad affair because it has taken so much effort to make human beings, to make them all right, to make them sensible, and now what you find is that they are going to be all finished. It's too much to bear, too much to believe in, but it is going to happen, if you people do not take it up seriously and work it out.
For you, also, there should not be any illusions,  because many of you are more busy with other things. To you other things are more important than Sahaja Yoga. 
But whatever you are doing, you can bring in Sahaja Yoga into that. Into anything you can bring in Sahaja Yoga. I said in politics, in agriculture, in social life, in your jobs, everywhere you can bring Sahaja Yoga.
North Korea, worshipping the Leaders

By your own behavior, by your own intelligence, you can bring in Sahaja Yoga into every field, which you have to think about, "Where can we take Sahaj Yoga to? Where can we work it out?" 
And this is what is to get into the Maya of God, that you get rid of all the illusions which are false, which do not allow you to see the right thing, and then seriously to get into the productive side of Sahaja Yoga.
Can you imagine how productive is Sahaja Yoga, how the miracles work out, how there is this Divine Power is anxious to help, despite all this Mahamaya and all that?.../... 
So this is it. The Maya is like this, that it allows you to do what you like. You use your freedom. You go places to places. Do what you want to do. Whatever you think it proper, you do it. All right, this is a part of the Maya, but Mahamaya is that which brings you back, brings you back to normal, brings you back to reality, to understand. It is at that point when you understand Mahamaya..../... 
India Tours, 80'es

Maya should give you enjoyment.

That's the best thing that this Maya can give, and you can enjoy it so much. I think it is a very beautiful atmosphere created by this Mahamaya. So you can enjoy each other, you can enjoy My company, you can enjoy nature. Such a rapport, such a beautiful understanding between everything else is there. Nobody is bothered as to who is higher, who is lower, what is the position; how much money he has got or what he has got. Nothing, just you're all enjoying. If somebody has a talent, he enjoys because he has a talent and the others also enjoy because he has talent. No jealousies, no rivalries, nothing. Somebody sings better, all right. .../...
... How did I do it? Just forget it!
Many people ask Me: "Mother, how did You do it?" 
-Forget it, it's Mahamaya, forget it! How did I do it? Just forget it! That part you need not go into. Just enjoy. Just enjoy that you are in that Maya and you are enjoying it. It's the best way to enjoy this Mahamaya. 
And today, for the first time, we have this Puja of Mahamaya. Because of Gudipadwa, I thought something unique must be done which encompasses everything of Sahaja Yoga, everything of Sahaja Yoga. 
... created for you.
It's not one incarnation, it's not one nadi, it's not one Goddess, but all of it is there. It's sometimes I say like a film is audio, visual, everything is there - drama, music, also acting. Everything is there in a film now. I mean that far: everything integrated. In the same way, I think Mahamaya has everything in it: every part that you tell Me, everything that you enjoy, everything that you discover. 
Everything is in that vision of Mahamaya, which has been created for you.
1994-0410: We are in Her Body, Mahamaya Puja, Aukland, New Zealand

Sholapur, 1984

In India it is much easier to organize these lectures. Indians are very fond of listening to lectures. So that would be a good idea. 
But for westerners also, like in universities, you can handle professors and talk to them. 

Sofia, Bulgaria, 1990
On your own you can think of so many things that you can do. And, I’m sure one day will come that all these efforts will work out. As I told you about Buddha’s disciples used to do. And, I need not go to all these various places. You can manage it, and seeing you only, people will get to Sahaja Yoga much faster, because they’ll think, the one who has given them this, if they are so great, then that the person who has given must be greater and I need not see them, because sometimes they get disappointed to see me also.
.. this little housewife
They think that a person who was talking to us was very brilliant and this and that, and in my own swabhava of Mahamaya I try to fumble, and sometimes make mistakes, and try to become a simple housewife. 
And then people don’t understand that this little housewife, a government servant’s wife - you see, that’s another gone case! - and then an Indian Christian,  and all that thing, then
she’s must be hopeless.

So all these things, you see, make up for the mind and that’s how one can go into the final decision of the last judgment. 
You see, Mahamaya is the only way one can judge people. There’s no other way out. 
... see through the Maya
Those who can see through the Maya, only such people will be redeemed. 
Those who cannot see through the Maya cannot be redeemed. 
So Maya is important.
Now the last, but not the least, remember that your Mother loves you very much. (Long pause) 
Thank you very much.

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A matrix-code for Sahaja yoga:1977

Guru Puja: “The Promises You Have To Make”
Contents: This 1977 talk reveals the matrix-code 
of the whole of Sahaja Yoga. INTEGRAL TEXT+ titles
The Guru-Mother can not discipline Her children, even if "he" is willing to kill Her. 
But She gives Three restrictions
1 - “Love thy neighbour, a Sahaj Yogi, more that yourself.”
2 - Never be harsh : anything that tries to break you = this Body will become divided into many parts. So don’t do that to me.
 - In your personal life, you are going to be honest: watch yourself, meditate.
3- Shri Mataji's Sahaja yoga is God’s own work. It is revealed to you only, very few people.  
- On your free will, with your own understanding, you have to be obedient to me. [This relates with the difficulties in the early groups of Sahajis, if not after… ]

Extremely poor sound, get the english subtitles:

<<  Today is the day of worshipping your guru: that is your Mother. 
And as I told you, it’s a very unique happening that Mother, Herself, has to become your Guru. 
Even if the child...
And also you know that it is a very difficult task for a Mother to be a guru, because Her love is so overflowing that it is difficult for Her to give any discipline to Her children.  She cannot discipline her own love, how can she discipline her own children?  Being [like] that, the responsibility on the disciples is much more. 
If the guru is a person who can discipline you without feeling anything hurting to him, he is much more capable, and he can do it. But for a Mother it is a very, very, very difficult, I would say, a very difficult job to be the guru. She does not know how to balance, and She is extremely forgiving because she is a Mother, while the guru, from the very beginning, does not forgive. But mother, till the end, she’ll go to the last end. 
Even if the child has forsaken her, even if he has beaten her up, even if he’s willing to kill Her, still she will be saying that, “My child are you hurt?” 
Then the responsibility of the disciples is much more, to see that they do not hurt Her, and they do not take my love for granted. For they must know that they have to prove themselves and they have to improve themselves.
1981, Nightingale lane.

Which discipline ?
That is why this day is a very unique combination of tremendous love overflowing me, and also the thought, I would say, the divine inspiration, that tells me that you have to be disciplined. You have to be disciplined sahaja, not by another person. 
That has to be, because if the ship is not properly tied up and it is not seaworthy it cannot go very far. If you want to enjoy the ride in the ocean of His grace and compassion, His bliss and kindness, then you must build up yourself fully. 
Now we have seen we have chakras, and we can excite them, we can awaken them by awakening the Deities. But is it not a mechanical process. Every Deity has got a subtle point behind it, which is a very subtle being within you. You know them, one by one. And you know why these chakras are catching — because you lack that thing. There’s nothing to feel bad about it. As I told you this is like your motor car outside. This is your instrument. But the instrument has to be properly harmonised and cleaned. 

First promise: Love your sahaji more
Today I want certain promises by you to be reached. 
And the foremost of all, as Christ has said, “Love thy neighbour as thyself.” I would say, one step ahead of that: “Love thy neighbour, a Sahaj Yogi, more that yourself.” Let us start here. I don’t ask you to do for the whole universe: among yourselves. 
First of all, decide: what have you done for others? 

Second promise: Never be harsh in words
Second: A promise you have to make that you will never say a harsh word to any other sahaj yogi, even if he beats you hollow! - if you can tell me that. That is the greatest sin you will be committing from today. 
Oxted ashram, 1977

Don’t try to correct others! If he asks you to check him, then tell that, “This is the thing.” But do not be harsh! 
Use your tongue for saying something sweet. I am telling you again and again and again. Otherwise I will put some sort of a restriction on you. Try to control your tongue. It’s very essential to put sweetly something, you can, you are sahaj yogis it’s very easy to put it sweetly something. It’s such an attractive thing. 
Why do you say harsh things? For what? To create enemies? If you want to have enemies, you can have so many: for that you need not say harsh things. Very easy to gather enemies! Difficult to get friends! And difficult to get your own kith and kin. 

What hurts Shri Mataji the most:
The Sahaj Yogis, you have one Mother. And that hurts me the most, any, anything that tries to break you will take out my heart into many parts. And this body will become divided into many parts. So don’t do that to me! This is the greatest suffering I can have from you. 

I request you not to do that because I have taken you into my Being, and you are part and parcel of me. You are one of the thousand petals of my Sahastrar, and I don’t want these petals to be broken by you and to be trampled by others. You have your own dignity, and respect the dignity of others. And you are Sahaj yogis, realised-souls, you must know. You are not ordinary people. As you respect yourself, you’ll respect others.
This is one thing I must tell you: that among yourselves you should be very humble and very friendly and extremely sweet. Also when you will start doing that, gradually you will learn a method by which you’ll be very sweet. 
It is better to be sweet than to be harsh. 
It is better to be beaten up than to be beating others. 
It is better to be simple and deceived, than to be deceiving others. 
We are like the shield and the shield has to fight the sword. Sword doesn’t fight a sword, it’s a shield that has to fight it. 
This you must understand, that for anything, no harsh words is to be said. Keep quiet! Just keep quiet. Try to keep control of your tongue.
No disunity
That is one thing: that there should be no disunity because you are collectively conscious among yourselves. If there is disunity among you, you cannot be one: then how can we think of the whole world being one? Just think of it! 
And your responsibility is much greater because you are the first people who have got it in the whole of Europe and the whole of England. 
Respect each other. Think of the good points that everyone has. Try to love.
If I were like you…you know I am complete I have no problem — why am I bothering? Because I love you. If you love each other you will see the good points of another person, and you will imbibe them. Try to love each other. But do not confuse this love with the carnal love. This is Divine love: absolutely pure, elevating, helping you to ascend. 

Take the Sahaji in a bondage of love
Tonight you promise me that you will look at every Sahaj Yogi as a person in bondage in love and not in hatred. And if somebody you think is not doing right or going bad, then you cure that person. Sitting in the house, you know how to do that. But don’t be harsh.
By talking ill you are not going to do anything to help that person. 
You [should] use your methods which you know very well. This is one point. And that will give me the greatest pleasure, the greatest of all: when I will see all my children loving each other and being kind to each other, running to do for everyone, trying to help each other and extremely humbled down. 
Some of you are better off, some of you are more intelligent, some of you have got more heart qualities. Don’t try to show down somebody who lacks a little bit in intelligence, or somebody who has little less of love. Maybe that person just wants more love. But try to give, [better] than to expect others to give.
Be honest , meditate, introspect !
Then the second one: I want you, all of you, today, to know that you are the people who have to build up Sahaj Yoga in this country and also in other countries wherever you go. So you are like seeds, and the seed which has to grow the whole tree! You have to bear all other trees, so how important you are! 
So today you have to resolve that, in your personal life, you are going to be honest. You are going to watch yourself. You are going to introspect yourself. You are not going to tell lies. And you are going to look after your chastity, look after your life as a very precious thing. And you are not going to cheat yourself. And you are not going to debase yourself. And you are not going to denigrate yourself, in your own eyes, but develop those eyes which criticise all these things and can see yourself. 
Today you must promise me that you will meditate, you’ll introspect then getting in to your Self.

Third promise: do not criticize Shri Mataji's Sahaja yoga
Thirdly, you will not criticise Sahaj Yog — that is God’s own work —  at any cost! If you do not understand a part of Sahaj Yog, you can come and ask me, but don’t criticise! This you must promise me. 
1979, Delhi
So far whatever has happened, has happened. It’s finished. It’s forgiven. But don’t criticise His  [God's]  ways now anymore, because now you are put into a higher position. You are put into a higher position, today. No more criticism of Sahaj Yog, at any cost! Because then you criticise the God Himself! If you don’t understand, ask me.
And now you know you are the people, God has sent only those who really know that Sahaj Yoga is the only way. It is revealed to you only, very few people, that this is the Truth. And this is going to save the whole humanity and all the people. And God can be only understood through Sahaj Yog. 
So nobody is going to decry Sahaj Yoga. Nor anyone is going to say: “I am the Sahaj Yoga!” Anybody who thinks like that has been always, so far, we have seen in our practices in Sahaj yoga for the last so many years, that anyone who takes upon to themselves that, “I am the Sahaj Yoga!” has had the worst possible falls of all Sahaj Yogis. So don’t do that. 
We are a part and parcel of that Sahaj Yoga: harmonising people, being one with people. So nobody should criticise Sahaj Yog, nobody should take chances with Sahaj Yog. 

Be obedient to Me
Henceforth you have to be obedient to me. I have been telling you, in a different way and in every way that you should understand. Now, this stops.
Today you have done this puja, I want to tell you that on you own, on your free will, with your own understanding you have to be obedient to me. This is your own decision. I cannot force obedience onto you, but you must understand it is for your good.
Because every minute I can see your future, I can see your past, I can see your ascent, I can see everything. If I say anything at that moment, it may appear a little bit unreasonable, but just obey me, what I tell you!
I am not asking too much, you have seen: not much, as other gurus do. You don’t know other gurus what do they do: they will hang the disciple in the well halfway down. He is just there and from his waist they will be hanging a rope up. They take seven parikshas (परीक्षा — trial, test) like this horrible ones. They will throw him into some place. Seven like this. There are, altogether, 108 parikshas. And then they say, “Come along!” Then they will try [to teach] you. It starts after that.
I am not taking your test. But obedience is very necessary because I know everything. I can’t help it. You cannot have another opinion about myself because that’s fact. And if I say something, I would not say normally, I will not hurt you, you know that. I hate to hurt you. After any hurt I cause you I weep and cry. But I have to do it, because you are my dearest children and you are my own. And you have to do the most important thing, so be careful. Whatever I have told you, you have to obey. 
They were three restrictions in 1977
From today, for this, and today’s function, these are the three clear restrictions. I haven’t asked for much. But they are very difficult things. They are difficult.
So, look after yourself. 
Try to be good Sahaj Yogis. 
Be sweet to each other, kind to each other. 
Don’t deceive yourself. 
Look after your vibrations, and everything will work out.

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The martyrdom of Shri Mataji- and the faith in our Selves

1994 - If ever someone does not understand...
2010 have to be identified into My Body, into My cells of My Body, but this is a more difficult task because supposing one of you becomes stupid, becomes foolish, quarrelsome. Anything you do, any small thing, it hurts Me. It has to, but I don't think about Myself. I always think about you. 
So it's an indication to Me that something has gone wrong somewhere. Somebody is doing something wrong to somebody. Some Sahaja Yogis are being tortured. Some are sick. Anything like that, I work it out very intensely and intimately.
.... Collectively, whatever you feel, I get it in My Body. 
For example, collectively, if you have a left Vishuddhi, I get it. If you have, say, right Vishuddhi, I get it. Any Chakra that you catch, collectively, I get that problem and I have to solve it because it troubles Me, so I solve it. It's a compulsion that I have to solve it. Now in doing so, you see, you might think, "Mother, we are troubling." You are not. It's My doing. I have taken you into Myself. You haven't.
So you don't have to worry as to, as if you are troubling Me. It's My own doing. It's My own work. It's My own responsibility. And if I have done it, it's done it because I am supposed to do it. That's the job I have to do. 
So there's nothing to feel bad about it.
1994-0410:We are in Her  Body, Mahamaya_Puja,_New_Zealand

1980 - From the beginning
So we come to collectivity to understand that you are cells in My body and I have awakened you. If you degenerate, My body degenerates. 
You have seen that also. When you are sick, I am sick, in the sense that I liberate more vibrations and I feel sick with that because you can't take it. 
When you take vibrations I feel very young.

But those who have faith in themselves can only understand this. 
Those who have superiority complex, inferiority complex, a complex means no faith in yourself. 
You should have faith in yourself that you are the chosen ones. You are really the people specially made for this for this great [thing]. It's a tremendous thing that you are [out/all] born.
1984- an explanation:
Ganesha 2007
I am telling you all these things because I was very sick when I came here, really I tell you, I was sick for eight days and I was sick even afterwards; because you know, you are all in My body and I suffer, so I must tell you.
1984-1123: Shri Jesus Puja, Hounslow, UK

1985- Make that clear!
So, now there is some thing wrong with this. 
-1-  What is that wrong is that: "What have we done for Sahaja Yoga" - first question. 
-2-  Second is, "What am I doing about myself? Where am I?" 
Nice to ask the question, "What's the difference between a God-realized and a self-realized?" God-realized never catches, just knows. 
Now why do I feel horrible, only with Sahaja Yogis, and not with non Sahaja Yogis? 
Birthday 2010
Even Narakasura comes before Me I can kill him. 
But Sahaja Yogis are inside My body. What am I to do? They are part and parcel of Me, they are not foreigners. So when they get sick I get sick Myself, because they are inside Myself. 
No deity has done that. No incarnation has done that job. Nobody has injected Sahaja Yogis inside their body. Has anyone done that way? You are all inside My body, part and parcel! 
When something goes wrong with you, it goes wrong with Me inside naturally. It's indiscriminate, you can say. But if I were not indiscriminate, how many would have gone inside My body? 
That's how I can cleanse you. I can look after you. I can now work out things very well. Some thing happens to someone in Australia I can work it out here because he is in My body.  
That's why I get sick. I can say, "I get caught up, because I have got some bhoots within me".   
-3- So you must keep out your bhoots. This is the third point, very important, "How can I have bhoots in me? How can I have left side, or right side or any thing? I am in the body of Mother- who is the Adi Shakti. What a privilege? What a honor? So now I can't have any bhoots within myself. It has to be something very pure."
1985-0831: Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Wimbledon, UK
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"... If Man is destroyed, then God will have to ...

Pujas, Gagan Maharaj, Value of Realization: - and waste... 

  « Concerning the puja, 
you know that we allow only few people from countries like England to come to the Puja. We have people from 12 countries over here and there are around 5-6 from some countries and 10-15 from others. But very few of them are allowed to come to the puja.
The reason is that in foreign countries, people have forgotten what Dharma is. There have been a lot of attacks on Dharma and some of them have been so dirty that people don’t know the difference between good and bad.
An Indian, however horrible he is, knows that he is doing something bad. But these people don’t even know that. However bad their actions might be, they will still ask, “What’s wrong?” This means that a certain authority that is given to Dharma is not there. They behave as they wish and then it becomes like hell.

So, to come out of that hell, take to Sahaja Yoga and to become completely pure, like coming out of the havan fire, is a very miraculous thing. This means that these people must have been very great saints in their previous lives. Any other person in their place would have run away. But that is not your case.
You have grown up in a very dharmic environment. Some of you may have some problems here and there which Sahaja Yoga can solve, but overall you are leading a good life. It is not so for the foreigners. However, the hard work and dedication with which they work Sahaja Yoga out is not seen over here. That’s because we don’t value the things that we have got so easily.
You can see clearly that in Khedegaon, 6000-7000 people get their Realization in no time at all but in the foreign countries, I have to work on one person for five months and break my hands. So, people over here don’t understand what they have got through Sahaja Yoga.
» Once many Sahaja Yogis went to meet Gagangiri Maharaj (1)  and he told them,
” It took me a total of 21,000 years to feel the vibrations. I was initially a frog and I remember everything from that time and from a frog I slowly became a human. In that time, I used to always say to God that ‘O God, somehow give me the chaitanya.’ 
Even after becoming a human, I did penance and meditation for around 12,000 years. 
Only two births ago, I finally got the vibrations on my hands. This being my third birth of feeling vibrations, I know its importance. 
But you people have got it just like that from Shri Mataji. 
So, I asked Her many times that ‘why are you giving this thing so simply to these people? They don’t even have the brains to understand this!’ 
So, Shri Mataji told me jokingly that ‘it is just my wish!”
» But it is not so. 
The time has come for it. 
When the time of giving comes then it has to be given to everyone. 
If human beings are not saved now, then the whole creation will have to be destroyed. The entire creation rests on Man. If Man is destroyed, then God will have to destroy the Creation and it will be a complete waste. 
Thus, the time has now come, this blossom time, where so many people are getting saved. Nevertheless, this is a very important thing that is taking place.
So, we must understand that this special gift that we have got must be used in a special way and we too must become special. 
Otherwise, such a great thing will just become a waste. »
Shri Ganesha Puja. Rahuri (India), 7 January 1983.
-1-  « I mean, Gagangiri Maharaj asked these people, Modi and all that: 
" -Will you jump in the sea if Mother says so? Are you willing to die for Her?"
I mean, this is the first question a guru asks, you see? Here, dying? Only driving up to three miles you have to break your neck with them. Dying is too much!I cannot even talk of that. 
But even... For everything it is happening and that's why Sahaja Yoga doesn't work out. And those people who try to do something, either there is jealousy or pulling him down or the wise counseling. ---(1983-1105: Talk on Diwali Night, UK )

«How much you know about the Divine nobody has known so far! But fix up yourself. I have known a very great saint called Gagangadh Maharaj who has fallen down completely! If a person like him can fall down you also can fall down if you do not understand what is your worth, what is your value and what is your position you are given. 
So we have to, today, with all our love for our Mother, have to decide in our heart, that we are going to have large heartedness, of sacrifices! 
What have we sacrificed so far? Just think of it. Have we? Did we sacrifice anything? 
Please try to understand that I have to use you, the great souls, to save the humanity. You must grow. You must grow. You have to grow. 
On money points also people are wretched. They make money. They save money. In America, I was surprised, the way people cheated me of money! Thousands! In India also this is a very common practice! Then if you have career mindedness, and you are very ambitious, .../... ( A New Era – Sacrifice, Freedom, Ascent. Bordi (India), 6 February 1985.)

+ see: Chapter 10: 1977 To 1978 – Shri Mataji In India  - Recollections of Sahaja Yogis