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WHO IS SHRI KALKI ? Who are we?

Christ of the Last Days, Cathedral of Auxeres, France
To answer these questions, we have those topics described repeatedly in Shri Mataji's lectures, all along 25 years:
1/   How and from whom Shri Kalki is born
2/  When will His powers become active
3/  How to fall down again.

So, one will find the answers.
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1979   - WHAT is Shri KALKI? 

Now, this incarnation has been described in many Puranas and will be coming on this earth on a white horse, in a village of Sambhalpur,  as they call it. It is very interesting how people take everything literally. The word Sambhal means-'Bhal' is Forehead, means at that stage, that means Kalki is situated on your Bhal. Bhal is the forehead and here He is going to be born that is the real meaning of the word. 
For us, in between Christ and this destroying incarnation of Mahavishnu called as Kalki, there is a time given to human beings to rectify themselves, for them to enter in the kingdom of God, which in the Bible is called as the Last Judgment. That you will be judged, all of you will be judged on this earth. 
The population of the world is maximum, say, because all those, practically, all those who have aspirations to enter into the kingdom of God are born in the modern times and are going to be born very soon.
This is the most important time because Sahaja Yoga is the Last Judgment.
…/… When we talk of 'Kalki,' we have to remember that between getting our realization, and entering into the kingdom of God, we can falter very much. This is called as 'Yoga Bhrasta Sthiti':
People take to yoga, enter into the yoga, and are still enchanted by their Pravaruttis :-e.g. an ego oriented man, or a money oriented man who wants to dominate, can form a group of people, whom he will dominate by his ideas, can go in for a fall and the rest of the people will also go with him, in Sahaja-Yoga itself. This has been happening in Bombay very often. This has been a common thing that is going on, but this is known as "Yoga-Bhrasta", where a person fails from his Yoga, comes down from his Yoga because Sahaja Yoga gives you all the freedom, whether to fall or to come up.
…/… Because when Kalki will come, He will slaughter all these people, without any compassion. He is devoid of any compassion. There are 'Eleven Rudras' in Him means there are eleven destructive powers, absolutely powerfully settled in Him. 
When I see all that, because I can see all that, and this emergency grows into me and I tell you:
 "Beware of Him! Don't play fool with Him! Don't take it easy and do not compromise with these nonsensical people. Stick on to the right!" 
Otherwise, the day is very near when Kalki is going to come.
… Whatever is wrong, is wrong ! Whether it is today, tomorrow or yesterday or thousands of years back whatever is wrong for your Dharma or sustenance is wrong. The New phase is "-What's wrong in this ? What's wrong in that ?" 
This question will be answered by Kalki only. I am just telling you that it is wrong. It is extremely wrong. It is against your Ascent. It is against your being, and then you will not have any time to repent, and will not have any time to ask this question "what's wrong "? You will be chopped off. That is what is the Kalki Incarnation. He is going to come on a white Horse, they say, it's a tremendous thing that is going to work out.
Every Human Being is going to be sorted out and nobody can then claim, see, every thing has been advertised, everything has been published.
… One has to understand that such an Incarnation is imminent, and Shri Krishna's Powers are given to Him, which is only Hanana Shakti [=destruction, killing]. Brahmadeva's Powers, which are only Hanana Shakti are given to Him. Shiva's powers, which are also Hanana Shakti, i.e. a part of his 'Tandav' is given to Him. Similarly, Bhairava's Khadaga, [sword]; Shri Ganesha's Parashu, [axe] Shri Hanumana's Gada [mace]and the Siddhis which are going to destroy - are given to Him. 
Buddha's forgiveness and Mahavira's Ahimsa, are going to turn upside down. 

All these Eleven powers are going to come on the top of us, when we will be finished with Sahaja Yoga; when we will be absolutely sorted out, and the last killing will be done by Him. 
I wish it is just a killing! It is not going to be ordinary Hanana, like even the Devi has done. Devi has killed all the Rakshasas, thousands of year back, but they are back in the seat again.
Now the problem is very different, at the present moment, which you should try to understand that in the olden days, till the Krishna’s time, when He said:
 “Yada yada hi dharmasya, glanir bhawati bharata. Vinashaya cha dushkruthaam panitra na echa saguna.” [Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Verse 7-8]
These two words you must understand. To destroy the Dushkruthaam, means the, cruel people or the negative forces, and to save the saints. “Sambhavami yuge yuge”, “I’m going to come again and again”.
…/… Kalki is a very big subject. If you see Kalki Purana, it is such a big book. 
When is the time coming? If this is a living process: -when the work will be finished! When you see that there is not more chance of having any more people coming in this time, Kalki will come down. Let us see how many come in! But for that [number], there is a limit also. 
So I will request you to go out in the world, call your relatives, call your neighbours, all of them!
1979-09/28 Navaratri Celebrations 1979: Kundalini and Kalki Shakti


They say that you have to ask for three things called salokya, samipya, sanidhya from God. Meaning : to see God, salokya -  samipya, the closeness with God  - and sanidhya is the companionship of God. 
But you have got tadatmya - is oneness with God -  which is not in the concept of any one of the yogis and the saints and the seers who have been [living] before.
And this tadatmya you have when you are outside my body [shri Adishakti body], while they have this tadatmya when they are inside my body [= when] they are no more!
So you should understand the time limit. 
You must understand your greatness and you must understand how you people are chosen for the highest work in this creation.
So now there's no time for lethargy. Now you have to rise and awake!
Today is the day when I hope you have to jump into Nirvikalpa. But only by effort you will stay there, otherwise you will again slip down. So, go through this lecture again and again, and do not think about it! Don't think that it is for somebody else, it is for you. For all of you, each of you, and you must know yourself how far you are going every day.
 1986-05/04 - Sahasrara Puja, Alpe Motta, Italy


Is a great blessing of Shri Ganesha, because it is He who creates the child within the mother's womb.
He selects the face, the color, everything. With His magnetic power He manages to attract the right type of genes. He does all such important things for you. All the time busy, never rests.
So full of joy and hard work. Never complains. He is such a support to your Mother!
That's why it is said that it is the support of the Kundalini. Also when Christ was created, it was said that: "You will be the support of the universe."  You are all my support too. But you have to be strong supports because I am a massive person. So to support me you have to be extremely strong, and straight; because I have made you in the pattern of Shri Ganesh.
1984-0902: Shri Ganesha Puja, Zermatt /Matterhorn, Switzerland


We are all born like Christ, because we are born without a father, by the Holy Ghost, just like Christ was born. 
But look at Him and look at yourself, born the same way as He was born!
So you must respect yourself as He respected Himself and the way He worked out His resurrection. In the same way, you all have to work out your resurrection, and that is very important
1987-12/25: Tapasyas, Christmas Puja, Pune, India.  


Shri Ganesha was made with Immaculate Conception, you are also made the same way. Your kundalini was raised, was given you the realization 
and you got your second birth, and now you are Sahaja yogis.  … Of course you must be having something, you know, otherwise I could not have made - that's also true!
Supposing the kundalini was missing, now what could I have done? If not missing, if it was absolutely crooked; if not crooked, supposing there were some chakras which were horribly damaged. So, you were also people just ready to have your Realization, that you were seeking it truly, that you had the pure desire to become Sahaja yogis, no doubt. 
1992-08/30: Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella


Rudra is the destructive power of Shiva, of the Spirit. Now one power, which is His nature, is forgiveness. He forgives because we are human beings, we commit mistakes, we do wrong things, we get tempted, our attention is disturbed, so He forgives us. 
But every action has a reaction, and when He forgives, He thinks that He has given you a big grace mark, and that reaction builds up something within Him as a wrath against those who are forgiven try to do greater mistakes. 
So in the balance the forgiveness starts reducing and wrathfulness starts increasing. So by one force he protects, by another force He throws away. 
But His destructive forces, when they are built up too much, then we call it now the Eka Desha Rudra is active. 
Now this Eka Desha Rudra will be expressed when the Kalki itself will start acting...means the destructive power which will destroy all that is negative on this earth and save all that is positive. 
So it is very necessary for sahaja yogis to expedite their ascent, not to be satisfied with the social life, or married life, or with all the blessings that God has bestowed upon you. We always see what God has done for us, how He has been miraculous to us, but we have to see what we have done to ourselves. 
What are we doing about own ascent and growth? 
Ekadesha Rudra Puja, 1984, Italy


You’re not alone, you are in the body of the Collective Being. 
If there are stupid people, if there are idiotic people, Sahaja Yoga is not meant for such people – in Sanskrit language they are called as “murkhas.” 
Neither this is meant for people who are over-smart and trying to cheat themselves – intelligence has that capacity – and to indulge into things which are not Sahaj, slowly you will find your vibrations will disappear, you’ll become sick, you’ll have problems and you’ll be in trouble.
This is not a kind of a warning but a request, because you are in my body, and whenever anybody tries to be troublesome in my body, I have to bear it up, and I suffer a lot. 
It’s a funny type of a crucifixion, when every moment you are hanged onto a cross by anyone who wants to do it. 
Sahaja yogis have all the laws in their hands to torture my life, to trouble me if they want to.
But they have also such a capacity, such a caliber, such a potential, that they can reside in my heart forever.  Open your hearts, that’s the thing I will say.
1987-05/03 Sahastrara Puja Talk,Thredbo, Australia


So, peace with your friends, peace with Sahaja Yogis! 
If you cannot be peaceful with Sahaja   Yogis, then you are no good, absolutely no good.
When you meet another Sahaja Yogi, you can't bark like dogs at each other, can you? You leave three Sahaja Yogis together; they end up with a big barking system!  They can't manage within themselves. If there are hundred then it's all right, but you can't leave three and four, here and there.
So the peace should be with your brothers and sisters. 
They are all born out of my Sahasrara, and nobody has a right to insult; to be sarcastic, saying things which are harmful, that's no friendship, that's no friendship!
It's a kind of a very subtle enmity that you are carrying on in your hearts. 
1985-02/07: The Culture of Universal Religion, 
Talk before Puja Bordi, India



But I must warn you there are some Sahaja Yogis who will try to have their own party. They are very power-oriented. They will have an exclusive party - it is a dangerous sign - it's a cancer. 
Everything should be collective. 
Anybody who does that kind of thing, you should know is a possessed person, and you will be harmed if you follow such a person. 
We are all collective - we have to know everything among each other, and we have to live like one family - not only in Russia but all over the world. 
Once you develop that kind of a love for everyone, then you will be surprised you have become a great personality. That means a drop becomes the ocean.
1996-07/16: Mahalaxmi Puja, Moscow


I must tell you, we had a meeting of the leaders and they came out and sat in the drawing room. As soon as they assembled, I had such a severe pain in the stomach, and I had such a bad diarrhea that you can't believe! 
Now, who has got those problems, I don't know. Who has brought these problems, I don't know. But as a Mother, as a Mother, I don't mind anything, as long as you all get well and purified. Just like as the Mother Earth cares for you, I also care for you. And just like as the Mother Earth loves you, I also love you, whether you are bad or good, is not the point. 
But to be kind to me, if you could try to be really good Sahaja Yogis, not show-offs, not business-like, not only thinking- type, not argumentative, not criticizing others; if you just try to meditate every day ten to fifteen minutes, I tell you, my health will be first class! Because I have taken your injections inside, and they start torturing my life for nothing at all. You see. So now, it's a risk I have run, and I am sure you are all very sensible people,and you will understand that your Mother shouldn't suffer
This is every day crucifixion for me sometimes you know, and I don't know what to say.
1997-05/25: Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella


losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate,
with literally dozens going extinct
every day 
We have got hurricane, storms, earthquakes, many accidents, and so many destructive things are working out, which are the outcome of Kalki-incarnation.
But at the same time there's another work going on of the same incarnation, is the resurrection of the people. Such people can never be hurt. Nothing can happen to them. They'll be always saved, everything will be saved for them, because they are under the protection of their Mother.
2000-03/05: Shivaratri Puja, Pune


You have to go on talking about Sahaja Yoga, spreading Sahaja Yoga. 
Unless and until you do it, it won't become collective, and all the disasters which are due to collective nonsense -  you get it! You are saved from so many things. Say, even if there's pollution, for Sahaja yogi it won't matter.
Fukushima Tsunami
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Even if there is a disaster of a earthquake, the Sahaja yogi will be saved.
But why not save the whole world? 

Calamities after calamities are coming, and if you have compassion you must think of the people who can get into any calamity or into any trouble! Of course, I can cure many people, no doubt; but I don't know how to make Sahaja Yoga very collective.

Now, you are so many people here, you all can start giving realization to at least hundred people. Go everywhere, talk about Sahaja Yoga, sing the praise of the Divine, and you will save the whole world!
It's not by saving some few people you can have the great Satya Yuga
Koala (click)
But you have to also save this Mother Earth. You have to save the people who are in it.
So you have to be courageous and get into these places, talk to people and make it collective. 
Otherwise you cannot save, save this world from the wrath of God. God is wrathful, no doubt. For you, He'll save you - but what's the use? 
We have to save, save this Mother Earth, and for that you have to be prepared, you have to work it out. At wherever you get a chance you must spread Sahaja Yoga.
2000-07/23: Guru Puja, Cabella

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Becoming the GURU, from 1979 to 2008

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...And today is the day of Guru Puja not my Puja but
your Puja 
as Gurus. 
I appoint all of you as Gurus, and today 
I will tell you, what 'I' have bestowed upon you and what great powers you already have within you …. /…Then for a Guru, as you are now,
you have all the knowledge, all the power [=raising the Kundalini, clearing the chakras aso] and everything, 
what you lack is the confidence and you have inertia. 
I do not know how this inertia is going to get outSometimes, people who are that inert, 
they also have a use. They are put in the cannons and blasted in the circus, so they can show their feats. They are so inert, that nothing can disturb them.
But you are my children, I have made you after the image of Jesus Christ, of Shri Ganesh. All their powers are available to you. 
But this is one point, I fail sometimes, I don't know how to remove your inertia. 
Because you have not practiced Sahaja Yoga, you have not gone into any practice. You have got it very easily, cheaply, you do not understand its value and so you just want to have it as a side track. 
You have to discipline yourself. Unless and until you discipline yourself, I leave it to your freedom because I have always believed in the freedom of my children because I think that they are not 'that low type', that I should use the freedom on them as a bar, that they should not use their freedom.
You are absolutely free:
-If you want to go to Hell, I will give you a chariot to go there, direct!
-If you want to go to the Heavens, I will provide with you a Viman [aeroplane] to go there. 
So, it is for you people to become dynamic and to have confidence within you. You know every Chakra, you know the rising of Kundalini. You know everything, so you can take it upon yourself.

  • Guru Puja on Advent Sunday the 2nd Dec. 1979 

… But still I find people are busy with other things. They go back into the same circle. You should be busy -I don't say that you should not do something for your living, you have to do it! 
This is one thing very important for us to know, that we have to work it out. We have to allow it to grow within ourselves. But I mean if you say that, "Mother, we have all faith in You, that's all." That's not sufficient. 
What faith do you have? What do you mean by "faith"? It is such a vague term. What is faith after all? Have you ever analyzed the word "faith"?
Some people think that "we have all faith in Mother. If we sing Her praise, finished!
For that, one has to reach a certain stage, like Adi Shankaracharya had reached!
Have you got faith in yourself, is the point. 
Who is having faith in me - is the one who has no faith in oneself?
You have to have faith in yourself and in all your fellow beings, all these other Sahaja Yogis. I have already told you that Sahaja Yoga is not going to work out individually. 
Anybody who thinks that, "I am something greater than the others" is a gone case.
Nobody should work Sahaja Yoga for oneself in that way. You have to work collectively for every one of them. 
Any one of you who thinks that you have something higher than the others have, you are sadly mistaken. It's like one eye saying that, "I am higher than the other", or one nose saying, "I am higher than the eyes." 
Everything has its own place in the body of Virata, and everybody is so important, as well as, dispensable.

  • 1979-1015: How Realization Should ... Develop, Public Program, Caxton Hall, London 

The Guru's Cabin - Andorra, 1987
Now, the Guru within you, will be awakened if you are strict with yourself, That's one point is very important. Unless and until you are 'strict' with yourself the Guru will not be awakened within you. People who are lazy lumps, who can not sacrifice anything, who are very fond of comfort, can 'never' be Gurus. Take it from me! 
They can be good administrators, they can be anything, but never a Guru.
A Guru should be willing to live the way he has to live. He should be able to sleep on stones, he should be able to sleep under 'any' circumstances, -not that the disciples should force on him, but it should be his own 'nature,' that he can adjust himself. Comfort can not fall on a Guru. 

CLEARING : Become a guru by 1984!
... Now? those who want your Guru principle to he awakened, must know that you should not ask for comfort. 'Even for a thing like that -yesterday you saw the dancing- one has to do real tapasya. 'Intensive' tapasya you have to do. You can not learn even a thing like dancing without going into a 'penance' about it.
So clear all the chakras, all the pradeshas [areas ruled by the chakras] are to be established, and 
after the establishment of the pradeshas, 
you have to establish the 'rapport' with others on the collective level.
Then [comes] a state when you become a complete Spirit at Agnya Chakra. 
It's easiest in Sahaja Yoga, and I've told you the reason -because you are such fortunate people. The easiest of easiest is Sahaja Yoga. The essence of Sahaja, Yoga that is the easiest thing to do. And that is why you should take full advantage of that easiest method made easy, absolutely, for you. 
This is the blessing of Guru Puja for you, that you all should become Gurus by next year. 
Just you have to dedicate and say today in your heart, to promise me, in your heart that :
«- Mother, not only we'll try, but we will be, and thrice you should say-we will be, we will be !»

  • 24/03/83 -- Awakening The Guru Principle -- Lodge Hill -- England 

SALT… and Guru Principle:
...So first thing is 
as the sea spreads its wings and says:
«All right, let the sun take away my water, let me boil, let it become the clouds!»
in the same way, you people have to understand that:
«unless and until I allow the sun -that's the Spirit-, to evaporate this water from me -means to give to others- how will I develop this guru principle within myself?»
You cannot have -s a l t - in the seawater, unless and until you evaporate it. So you cannot become a guru unless and until you allow the evaporation of this water, of this wealth, the money that you have. 
But, if you are not matured enough, like the sea, then you will remain at a level that, like mad, [you will go on] collecting all the muck of the world, and ultimately end up in some lunatic asylum. Because all maryadas are lost, all dharma is lost.
Without guru principle, how you can have dharma? 
You do not think of anybody else, you do not even think of your father, mother or anyone, you don't think of your collective work, you don't think of the world. That's too much! 
So you become small, small, small, small, small. 
But when this Lakshmi tattwa starts, that's the first inkling of love, love for others. I know you all love me very much. But it's not complete reflection of your Mother. 
You have to love each other, and share everything with each other, with love
Then, this first light of love Lakshmi starts showing in you. 
In that light when you move, you become very deeply generous, enjoy your generosity.
1990-1020: Diwali Puja, Sotto, Italy 

2008:Talk after Guru Puja, Cabella Ligure, Italy, 20th July 
Some have grown in Sahaja Yoga, some have not. Some are still carrying on with old catches. 
But now I have to say that quite a lot of you can become gurus -means: teachers- and you should act as teachers. To act as teacher you should know Sahaja Yoga, the theory and the practice of it, thoroughly well, and then you can become a guru. It's a very responsibility, lot of understanding for a guru.
You should not have any ego, first. You should not have any of your chakras catching. You should be absolutely clear all the time, and there the vibrations should be flowing in both the hands. If they are moving in one hand and not in another, you cannot become guru. So you have to be a perfect Sahaja yogi, then, you can be a guru.
I won't be able to go all over, but you have to go to other countries and create new Sahaja yogis. You can do it. To begin with you can use my photograph, but later on you can only put the photograph there, but use your own powers, and give realization. You can do it, and that is how we can spread Sahaja Yoga all over the world.
That doesn't mean you cancel me - no, not at all! I am there with you, and every place you work, you put my photograph. But realization you have to give, and try to give mass realization
If that doesn't work out, then you should know you are not a guru. If you can give mass realization, then only you are a guru, otherwise you are not.
I said you can use my photograph, but you have to give realization to people. … Now you have mastered Sahaja Yoga, so you should know what is to be done…. Can you imagine all of you, if you become gurus, how many Sahaja yogis we'll have all over the world?
… Tell them how to meditate, how to improve. It's now a very big responsibility. 
Actually I have done this work, and you can do this work also. So you all have to become a guru.
This is the day of Guru Purnima, and I bless you that you all become gurus. …
So it's a very big responsibility now. You've got your realization, and so four or five of you should join to form a Sahaja Yoga group, giving realization to people. Try! 
Of course my photograph would be there, but still you must try. 
Try to understand that now: what is your responsibility. If a position is given, you have to always carry on with the responsibility of that position. In the same way, if you become a guru you have a certain amount of responsibility, that your own behavior should be very good to begin with.
On stage, talk after the Puja
First you may get two people, then three people; I started with five! So you can imagine how one can go with it. Try first of all with two, three, five and more. You can also advertise afterwards. If you have given realization to people, say about, you have given realization to ten people [=locally], you can start your own organization
[=locally], or whatever you may call, and can work it out.
Now you have the power. You have the right. 
But you must have a temperament also. In the beginning you have to be very patient and kind, very kind. ….
All of you, promise me that you'll try to become gurus.
(2008, Guru puja, on stage)

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'I must say you have done no justice to me or to yourself.'

Krishna River... 
I have a vision no doubt, and I've been talking about it quite a lot; but [if] it ends up with the puja, it's not a good thing. 
I know some countries are very difficult. Try to find out what is the problem, why it is so very difficult. Attention has to be paid to this, that, what other human beings are doing, to destroy themselves, as if it is the part and parcel of the same game which we call as the Last Judgment; but let us, through our compassion and love, save as many as possible.

This is the work of Adi Shakti, not the work of any saint or any incarnation. They're all there, no doubt, they're all with us all the time to help us. But you people have the power of Adi Shakti which is very great, which is very penetrating, which is miraculous, it's so effective. But unless and until you become aware of your own powers, how will you work it out? It would be like a dead machine that has everything, but nobody is there to work it out.
1947 India/Pakistan partition
All the time I had to go through very, very hazardous times, and sometimes I've felt that I may have to take another birth, the way things are so difficult for me. 
But now for you it has been very easy: as if the one who makes the road has to work very hard, but those who walk on that, they don't realize how easily they have got it. And if they realize this then they will realize also, "Let many walk on this road, which was created with such patience, understanding and love."
I have to really see you, you all Sahaja yogis, doing your level best to change this world - has to be changed. As it is, the humanity has to be saved through you and nobody else. No president, no prime minister, no minister - none of these people can change the world and save it! It is you are entitled, you have got this power. Do you realize your own status, your own being which has risen so high? It is not there. 
If that realization is there you would go all out to express your love and compassion to other people, to make them realized what they are.
Only with Sahaja Yoga you can save this world, there's no other way out. Whatever you may try, say, to help the poor, to help this and that is something very, very superficial. Best thing is to give realization to every person you see.

We have seen children, they're coming up. They'll be great Sahaja yogis also, I can see that. But before them you have to show your own merits of what you have done. 
It's not a static work. It's a big movement which has to be really explosive; and unless and until such a great step is taken, I don't know who will be blamed for the doomsday. 
You are the ones who have to build up the destiny of human beings! 
Don't consider as yourself as something nothing. You could never have got your realization, you would never have come to me. Among so many, you are the ones who came to me and who asked for Realization and got it. 
You know it cannot be forced; this realization cannot be forced, this awareness cannot be forced, and the growth of this awareness also cannot be forced.
(...) But instead of telling me about people who are sick, people who have failed, people who are still in a state that cannot be improved, attention should be changed:
If there's one person who has got cancer anywhere, immediately at least ten photographs will come to me, leader will write to me, the wife's leader will write to me, everybody will write to me that "Mother, this is such-and-such thing." 
Why? Is that my job? That person can be cured, we have hospitals; can be cured by photographs. But attention always goes now to the compassion part of it, to those people who are so-called suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. Also in the marriages. 
That's not your job, neither mine. 
If they are sick they should take a photograph and work it out. 
If it doesn't work, that means that doesn't deserve.

(...) But what about Sahaja Yoga? If you have one sick person, hundred Sahaja yogis will get after them. What is the reason? 
Is it compassion? It's not. 
They want to prove that they can cure that person - is not compassion. 
shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's
Compassion today is to transform human beings into Sahajis, into good people. That is the love of Adi Shakti. Because those who are born have to die in any case. We should not be unkind, of course, but our attention should be how many people we are giving realization. Is a very common thing that people indulge more into so-called curing and improving and this - it's all right.
(...) First of all you are a spiritual worker, you are not a social worker. Of course, by the way you can do social work, it doesn't matter - by the way.
But the main thing for you is to transform human beings. With that the greatest diseases of meanness, of cruelty, of torturing others, anger: all these diseases can be cured which are internal, not external. That is today wanted.
Every country's fighting and is tortured and is in peril all the time of getting destroyed. The only way you can do it is to give them realization.

Now what happens is to be seen very clearly, that when you give realization to someone and he values it and he grows into it, then you are protected, you are completely protected. Who protects you, you may say? The Adi Shakti, all right, but also there is a destructive power working in this world; not of negativity, but positive destructive power of Shiva. If He sees that if Adi Shakti's work is going on well, He's happy. 
But He's sitting there and watching each and every person, each and every work of Sahaja yogis, and if He finds something really very wrong I cannot control it - He destroys. I cannot go to that point. 
He destroys; not only destroys, but thousands He can destroy.
Anywhere there is a calamity, we can say, like an earthquake or some sort of a hurricane, all these things come through the working of Shri Mahadeva. I can't help you there. 
But if you really give realization to people, all these can be averted. Of course it is the whim, I should say, of Adi Shakti that She started this work of creating this world, of creating you and making you Sahaja yogis; but your responsibility is also very important.
You cannot be responsible. Maybe it was, I felt, my responsibility. But there's a difference:
I never felt it was 'my' responsibility, never felt this was 'my' job, never felt 'I have to do it' - I did it. That's the work. 
That's the kind of personality you should have. You have to do it in a very humble manner, in a very beautiful manner; and you'll be amazed to see how you are protected, how you are supported and how everything works out.
Abbot of a Zen-Rinzai Templ, (Japan Tour)

The greatest joy you will get when you will find you can give realization to people. You can change their lives. Never you would feel such joy even if you get, say, a big lottery maybe, a big job or a big name, or a very big award - no. The joy of creating Sahaja yogis is, knows no bounds, it's such a joy-giving thing. You develop such fraternity, such solidarity as they call it, such oneness; such enjoyment of love, enjoyment of compassion. It's a different level of enjoyment that's not like ordinary enjoyments.
(...) And that is what makes me sometimes little weak when I hear that Sahaja yogis now are getting involved in money, in cheating; I mean, all kinds of criminal activities they do. I can't understand, I can't believe it!
After getting the highest, why do you want to go so low as that? Because you have not yet felt what you have got, you have not realized what you have got, and you don't respect yourself. 
Still if you are on the same line and the same level, I must say
you have done no justice to me or to yourself.

2001-0603: Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella / last parts

Thursday, May 18, 2017

1985, a year of revelations

Inauguration of "l'Avènement", June 29, 1985
On a Sahaj web-site, we were invited to dive into the Sahasrara-Day of 1985. Your Sawyamblogger remembered this puja, I was there. But I also remembered the whole year. 1985 was a "hard" year, indeed, full of hard revelations.
"The Advent" was ready, translated into French, nicely edited the publisher said, and was delivered for printing. But, meanwhile, the leadership in France was drowning into a crisis, and Shri Mataji asked me, in April, to move to Paris. 
I was a teacher in a High School in our National Education System, a huge state Administration managing as many people as the Soviet Red Army nicnamed "the Mammoth" . I was fully off-delay for any claim, but I made up a small file, and asked to leave my town Rouen (host of 1984 Sahasrara Day) to get a assignation in the capital. End of May, my Principal-Madam called me: «Totally incredible! You, really you do have relations! Indeed, you got it!»  Of course that was a suburban job, But, yes I was in Paris. (35 nationalities, thefts, fake bomb alerts, well, the Paramchaitanya did whatever It could, but It did work out!). 
End of June, the Book was "inaugurated" by Shri Mataji, and thanks to Gregoire, and to bookshop keepers, touched Seekers in many towns and also made all its way to Africa. Such a geographical boost never happened again insuch a manner and with such success.
But the "hard part" of 1985, the other memories are coming back  to me-including the cataclysm of Chamarande (July*), of course. One has therefore to dig into 1985's talks by Shri Mataji, and here are the results. Indeed, that was so direct!
- Creation of the "religion Vishwa Nirmala Dharma"
- You are the ones who are responsible. Prepare yourself!
- The people who are not in the Nirvikalpa state are not going to be saved
- This is my order!
- I will retire. ...- As I have told you, I am going back to India. 
-It's only the Sahaja Yogis who can blacken the Name of God Almighty.
What did happen, that Shri Mataji felt necessary to speak so directly?
IMO nowadays

On December 31st, 1985, the mandate as Chairman given to Sir CP at the IMO was to end, after three 4-years terms as Secretary General. Now 65 years old, the husband of Shri Mataji was retiring - in India. Brompton Square House, Home of the Srivastavas in London, and refuge of so many early Sahajis, was being sold. 
Suddenly, the Swiss, the only collective able to finance such a project (on credit, though), involved themselves in building that vast Ashram in Givrins, reserving a suite so that Shri Mataji could stay in Europe if she would come back visiting Europe for some puja.  
In Shudy Camps
Then came 1986, and the talks by Shri Mataji became again, say, back to normal. 
And in August, we celebrated Bhoomi Devi Puja at the new Mansion in Shudy Camps
The reason was that Sir CP had been re-elected for a new term, until 1990 - when Cabella's Palazzio Doria would be eventually purchased. The emergency was over.
Investigations into this 1985 year would lead us to discover two revelations about Shri Mataji's real ways:
There's a river called Yangtze ...
After every five minutes the scene changes, all the beautiful mountains
take another form, and you have lots of waterfalls,
and it’s very interesting. That is the kundalini.
Tao is that river. But it’s said that you should not divert your attention
to these temptations which are outside. You should see them,
but move . (Buddha Puja, 1992).
- 1 - The "divine plan" is like the Tao, it is fluctuating, it adapts itself, as a ship captain does.
Thus, all the year through, the evolution of Sahaja yoga was suspended to the votes of the "honorable representatives"of some 150 States, and Shri Mataji had changed Her projects according to Sir Cp's carrier.
- 2 - Facing the emergency to leave Europe and the West, while Sahaja was still poorly established there, Shri Mataji had to reveal openly what she really expected from us.
This is: we are to take all the responsibilities, those of our evolution, as those to creating new Sahaja Yogis, and save the Planet. And the Divine will hold us accountable for the results.

1985-0112: Announcement of Universal Nirmala Religion, Nasik
Now to make it more particular, I thought that, if you say universal religion, then it may not be that particular, because like the Buddhist, then we have got people who are called after Christ as Christians and after other people according to the incarnations.
So this time the incarnation being Nirmala, I thought we can call it The Religion which is Universal, in the name of Nirmala. So, to make it short, I thought we can call it "Universal Nirmala Religion". What do you say to that? (Applause)

1985-0206: A New Era - Sacrifice- Freedom- Ascent, India tour, Bordi
Please try to come up, so that I should feel that I did not lack in My fatherly attitude towards you - that awe, that understanding of a father's expectations.
 This I am not saying to you because it is some present situation because of you people particularly, or for anything which is very, very sort of a present-day problem - none of these things. 
Bordi, Meditation after the Talk on Sacrifice
But is my announcement of this new dimension into which we have to rise. 
And as in the war we have to declare "Now forward on!" in the same way this is a declaration. In no way to degrade you, in no way to insult you or to say anything about any one of you, but to just infuse that inspiration which led thousands and thousands, and millions and billions of people to sacrifice for a greater cause.
... So now have respect for yourself. Raise your heads. You are the ones who are going to fight. You are the ones who are responsible. Prepare yourself, prepare your body, prepare your mind, be discreet. This is My, I would not say "request" again, this is my order.

Laxenburg, day before Sahasrara Day
Video caprure
1985-0504:  before Sahasrara Puja, Laxenburg, Austria
But it's a serious matter, I must tell you, that once I've established the Religion, I don't want to have any holes in it. I avoided it because I was not sure. Now I know for sure that there are many who could be called as Nirmalites. Because no more black spots on the beautiful sari of your Mother! It has to be absolutely highest quality. Gradually we used to drop out people, gradually worked out this but there's no time left now. 
As I have told you, I am going back to India..../... 
They are not going to be saved. They will be punished. May not be in the same way those who are not Realized souls, but they will not occupy the seats in the realm of God Almighty.
At least you must reach the state of Nirvikalpa. Do not blame any circumstance. Do not blame your father, mother, brother, atmosphere, this, that. There's no need to blame anyone. "Because somebody came, we were influenced." What is the matter with you? I am here, you are not influenced by me. How are you influenced by somebody who is so stupid, obviously, so dominating? That means - what is your level?

1985-0613: Public Program, Geneva, Switzerland
Entrée de l'Ashram de Givrins
Question: Shri Mataji, they ask why your photo - he says that why people are using your photo to get Realization? Why are they not strong enough to get their Realization?
Shri Mataji: You are not. What can I do? I wish you were that strong. My photo gives Realization, curing, everything. What can I do about? That's a fact. I must accept. I'll be very happy if your photo can do that. I will retire. As I am a happily married woman, I got my children, my grandchildren, I don't need anything. If you can do it, I'll be very happy. Can you do it?

Guru 1985, Chamarande, end of the Puja
1985-0629: Guru Puja, Paris, Chamarande, France
First of all, one must understand that there's a combination of a Mother and a guru. Because guru is a very hard task master. He doesn't allow any liberties to be taken. And mother is very kindly. 
Well, you don't have feelings for the Mother, do you?Is it all a lip service, that you listen, goes into your head and you think you have become the surrendered Sahaja Yogis?

1985-1117: Diwali Puja, Tivoli, Rome, Italy
There are some, which can blacken the Face; they are lights no doubt, but can blacken the Face if there are impurities, blacken the Face of the Divine, blacken the Face of your Creator. And that is what, one has to be careful, that we are not blackening the Name of God by our misbehavior. 
Now listen to me very carefully.
Video capture

If there is no light out of the lamp, it does not blacken nor enlighten. But if there is a light it can blacken as well as enlighten. 
It's only the Sahaja Yogis who can blacken or enlighten the Name of God Almighty. Say, for example, if you have a fake man, he doesn't blacken the Name of God because he is himself black, so nobody's bothered about that. If there is a person who is teaching about God or talking about God, about religion and making money out of it, he blackens his own name. He does not blacken the Name of God Almighty. The Name of God, cannot be blackened, It's ever shining.
But it's only a Sahaja Yogi which can form that cloud to cover It. They can only finish the hope of this world. They can only bring the real destruction of this world. They will be held responsible. And they should be punished in time, so that the Name of God should not be ruined. 

For they have been given the right to enter into the Kingdom of God, others are outside. They are the only ones who can abuse the right. Those who are outside this building cannot spoil it. You have the special privilege to enter into this beautiful building. You have got this right because of the great things you have done in previous lives. And if you now want to spoil it, you'd better understand that you will be very severely punished. The light which can enlighten can also burn. But this light will burn all those who try to burn the Kingdom of God.
(*) The Guru puja 1985 remains in Sahaj History because the Sahajis  were attending a talk in the seminar, while only two persons were sent to welcome Shri Mataji at the airport. This offense was to lead Shri Mataji to refuse to accept the puja.